The Buy-to-Rent Property Playbook - Avoid common mistakes, protect your investment and amplify rental income with this essential crash course in first-time property rental.

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The Buy-to-Rent Property Playbook

Avoid common mistakes, protect your investment and amplify rental income with this essential crash course in first-time property rental

Course Description:

Learn critical fundamentals on the road to building your property portfolio, with this 2 hour beginner’s course on real estate investment.

• Instant access to 16 bite-sized lectures

• Enjoy over 2 hours’ worth of content from any device

• Learn when it suits you, anywhere at anytime

• Find out how to buy a property that provides secure returns

• Discover the best ways to finance your investments (scalable!)

• Get a candid look at bad investments, scams and cons

• See pro tips on how to turn a bad investment into a good one

Getting Into The Buy-to-Rent Game

Buy-to-rent properties are a great way to grow your wealth and accelerate your monthly income – but there is a steep learning curve involved. This course was designed to fast-forward your property rental knowledge by 2 years, helping you skip the bad investments, lost profits, and nightmare tenants that most rookie landlords have to live through.

With this proven playbook packed full of first-hand experiences and time-tested strategies, you’ll master the essentials of owning and renting a property for the first time. Position yourself for success and convert what you learn into properties that become sizable assets for your portfolio.

Real Rewards and Real Dangers

A buy-to-rent property can be massively rewarding. Not only do you own the property itself, but renting it out gives you an additional income stream. Many investors use this money to pay off the mortgage, and then expand to second, third and fourth properties over time. Nail this formula, and there is no limit to how many properties you can own, and how wealthy you can grow to be.

Strategy and sound decision-making from day 1 will help you create your portfolio. Your instincts are good and you’re clearly on your way to financial growth. But before that can happen, you have to dip into the shark-infested waters of real estate investment. Believe me, there are nuances and intricacies that can steal your dream.

I’ve been investing in buy-to-rent real estate for 14 years now. Unlike you, I didn’t seek help. Instead, I blundered blindly into my first purchase, and nearly lost it all. The truth is that real estate does create a whole different level of financial reward – but it can be equally as devastating if you make the wrong turn, or trust the wrong person. The sharks are real, and they’re always circling!

So I created a high impact, low time-investment e-course to orientate you on what to expect. To give you the edge using hard-won knowledge that I had to pry from the jaws of failure to deliver here.

I want to transform you from an investor getting by on good guesses, to an investor who knows what the right move will be, and is always 3 steps ahead. This knowledge makes a big difference. Knowing this stuff takes your dream and makes it real.

A Playbook of Your Own

This is a complete beginner’s playbook that introduces you to the art and science of real estate investment. You’ll learn easy-to-implement starter strategies and I’ll frame it all in real experiences that I’ve either seen with my own two eyes, or have lived through myself.

I’ll be your unofficial mentor in making power real estate moves. From choosing a trustworthy property manager to figuring out how to finance your properties for the fastest possible growth, it’s here waiting to be learned.

The Real Estate Secret

I’ll level with you - real estate investment is the most reliable way to become a millionaire, but it’s not easy. If it was everyone would be rich. Instead, first-time buy-to-rent owners have such bad experiences that they lose their investments, or get rid of them just to be free of the stress.

Here’s a secret though. If you can make it through the first 2 years of owning and successfully renting your first – maybe even second – property, you’ll be on your way. Most people never make it that far! This e-course will give you the confidence you need to get this right the first time.

I don’t just want you to muddle through this, I want you to build a system. I want you to realize that with a streamlined formula, the sky really is the limit. Don’t wait for your life to change, change it by learning and growing into the kind of investor you want to be!

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

• Why buy-to-rent is an investment marathon (not a sprint!)

• Why you need to build your own real estate team (from day 1)

• The reason why it’s a terrible idea to let your agent connect with your bank

• How to buy a property that has lasting value

• The ‘differentiator’ in real estate finance (cash or 20-30% down)

• How to avoid the worst property managers known to mankind (sharks)

• Protect your investment with the correct legal and tax advice

• How to do your own repairs (and get it right)

• The art of finding and securing the ideal tenant (priceless stuff!)

• How to turn a bad investment into a great one

• Government housing program management – section 8 exposed

• How to build a relationship with your tenants

• Investment beyond your first purchase – years 5-10

Opportunity is in The Air

Things have been strained with COVID-19, and I know a lot of people could use help investing in real estate. So, I’m offering this course at an unusually reduced rate.

Take advantage of the opportunities you find during these tough times. If you want to know how to get off the ground with your first buy-to-rent property – this is an opportunity. I’m not going to keep it low for long, but hopefully it’s long enough for the self-starters and future thinkers to grab.

Once you’ve purchased the e-course, it becomes a lifelong resource. You can refer back to it whenever you need to. And hey, I’m not just going to vanish with your money – I’m a real person and I’m here to help if you have any questions or queries at all.

Developing your property rental playbook from your first investment will make you a smarter, stronger and more resilient investor.

So if you’re:

• Close to buying your first property to rent

• Eager to shift into the real estate investment space

• Expanding your knowledge on first property investment

• A property manager or real estate agent

• Considering renting your home or condo

Take advantage of The Buy-to-Rent Property Playbook, and add something of value to your dream of being buy-to-rent rich.

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The Buy-to-Rent Property Playbook - Avoid common mistakes, protect your investment and amplify rental income with this essential crash course in first-time property rental.

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