The Six Figure Side Hustle Collection

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The Six Figure Side Hustle Collection

Brian Cliette 💰📿 🤲🏾
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Position yourself for exponential income growth 10+ proven six-figure side hustle strategies (Over 15+ hours of training content).

Flipping Local Platform Products for Big Money

How to Flip Products on eBay, Amazon, Offer Up, Let It Go and Etsy

In this 1 hour course, you’ll find out how to flip products on popular platforms – buying low and selling high, for fast profit creation from a dependable sales technique that works.

• X bite-sized lectures, available 24/7

• Find out what the best products are for purchase and immediate resale

• Understand the benefits of each platform and how they work

• Setup your accounts and position yourself for credibility and trust

• Learn a timeless method for speedy (and ethical) flipping that pays off

• Become someone who can quickly and easily flip items for profit

Your First Buy-to-Rent Playbook

Become a Smarter Real Estate Investor before Your First Buy-to-Rent Purchase

In just 2 hours, you’ll learn critical fundamentals on the road to building your property portfolio, with this first-time property owner’s course on buy-to-rent real estate investment.

“This course literally just handed me almost every answer to every real estate question I have had.”

– Nikki Wilson

“You added some tools into my real estate investing tool belt.”

- Geoffrey Walls

• Instant access to 16 bite-sized lectures

• Learn when it suits you, anywhere at anytime

• Find out how to buy a property that provides secure returns

• Discover the best ways to finance your investments (scalable!)

• Get a candid look at bad investments, scams and cons

• See pro tips on how to turn a bad investment into a good one

Getting Started With Stocks and Options Trading

Dip Your Toes into Financial Investment with Easy Trade Strategies

In just 1 hour, you’ll discover the exciting – but perilous – world of stocks and options trading, along with key tips for beginners that want to reduce risk, amplify investments and improve their skills.

• X bite-sized lectures, available 24/7

• Learn the fundamentals of what stocks and options trading is about

• Develop key strategies for starting small and aiming big

• Find out how to trade without wasting time on lengthy and complex strategies

• Discover simple, easy to test tactics that will give you reliable returns

Sharing Economy Investment for Beginners

How to Make Real Money with Assets You Already Own

In 1 hour, you’ll learn what the sharing economy is, how it works, and what steps you should take right now to starting earning money from your existing assets.

• 7 bite-size lectures, accessible on any device

• Fully understand opportunities within the peer-to-peer economy

• Audit your assets and target the most lucrative ones

• Build a fast-growth business plan

• Create a loyal community around asset experiences

Uber Driving: Turning Time into Money

Discover the Fastest Route to Maximizing Ride Share Income

In 1 intensive hour, you’ll find out how to optimize the scheduling, location and partnership elements of Uber driving, in order to make the most possible money per ride.

• 14 bite-sized lectures, accessible from anywhere

• Learn the skills required for becoming a high earning driver

• Orientate yourself on shifting from driving to contracting

• See how to create schedules that inspire profit

• Get partnership strategies to help you grow as a driver

AirBnb Rental Models that Work

Get Insider Advice on How to Amplify Your AirBnb Earnings

In 1 no-nonsense hour, you’ll discover how to transform, operate and present an in-demand space that AirBnb adventurers will want to experience. Become a super host with consistent bookings.

“Fantastic primer for getting started on AirBnb - useful tips and advice.”

- Al Harji

“I took notes and did get some great ideas to add to my hosting experience.”

- Dawn

• 10 bite-sized lectures, available when you need them

• Learn how to advertise your home or rental listings

• Create the perfect optimized AirBnb page description

• Understand host insurance, legal rights and responsibilities

• Get a booking assistant, handyman and property manager

Fiverr: Top Rated in Two Months

The Trick to Exponentially Expanding Your Freelance Gig Business

In just 1 hour, you’ll learn real strategies to quickly achieve top-rated seller status for a seamless transition to working full or part time on one of the most lucrative freelance platforms online.

• 11 bite-sized lectures, accessible 24/7

• Create a high conversion account and secure your first client

• Understand how to sell your skills and escalate your value

• Learn a framework for gig organization that guarantees success (and top ratings!)

• Know what a gig swap is and how to leverage it to accelerate your income

Freelance Writing for Profit-Driven Creators

Learn How to Become an In-demand Freelance Writer

In 2 hours, you’ll get a crash-course that sharpens your writing, marketing and branding skills so that you can go from zero to a top rated profile of high paying, regular freelance writing clients.

• 19 bite-sized lectures, accessible anytime and anywhere

• Evaluate your writing style to find your highest potential niche

• Get insights on how to establish and build a powerful writing reputation

• Avoid the common mistakes that stall freelance careers

• Create writing profiles that secure the right kind of freelance client

The Self-Publishing Start-Up

Start Selling Ebooks, Print Books and Audio Books from Day 1

In 1 enriching hour, you’ll find out how to become an infopreneur, along with critical details on self-publishing everything from print books to Amazon eBooks that people love to read.

• X bite-sized lectures, accessible on demand

• Learn how to write a book blurb that sells your content

• Find out how to set up and optimize your author account on Amazon

• Discover where and how to secure authentic book reviews

• Get an easy formula for converting books into audio for sale

eCourse Creation: The A-Z of Educational Courses

Convert What You know into Top Selling Online eCourses

In 2 incredible hours, you’ll learn how to build a quick-selling eCourse from scratch, including how to package your course, where to sell it, and how to make it a smash hit in your chosen niche.

• X bite-sized lectures, accessible wherever you are

• Get a market-tested blueprint for organizing and creating eCourse content

• Discover the best platforms that help you secure sales and reviews

• Learn how to write a high conversion sales page for your eCourse

• Find out how slow selling eCourses can accelerate sales using a simple tweak

• Get insider knowledge on eCourse reinvestment, scalability and pricing

Real Digital Marketing Influence for Beginners

Sell Uncomplicated Digital Marketing & Consulting Services That Work

In 1 hour, you’ll gain access to some of the best (and rarest) strategies that will help you drastically improve your client’s marketing efforts, as you become a fast-growth digital marketing influencer.

“Endless amounts of knowledge and plans to execute tactics successfully. This man has knowledge, skills, drive, and knows exactly what to do to get things done.”

– Lexy Wright, Pixlee Marketing Manager

“Any business would benefit from Brian’s expertise.”

- Reginald Bourdeau, Co-Founder Fly Supply Clothing

• X bite-sized lectures, accessible from any device

• Learn how to simplify marketing to amplify its impact

• Build a powerful personal brand and link it with your digital agency

• Establish a marketing agency that always delivers on every promise made

• Find out how to use analytics to position yourself as a marketing genius

The 30 Minute Social Media Influencer

Proven Strategies That Explode Social Growth for Just 30 Minutes a Day

In 2 action-packed hours, you’ll learn how to completely automate astonishing social media growth, investing only 30 minutes of your time every day for engagement, content creation and management.

“I wish that I had known about this course long before now because it was concise and gave me a clear picture on how to best manage social media.” - Margaret Lovell

“This course is excellent if you have to manage social media for your company.” - Shenae Simmons, Restaurant Manager

• 20 bite-sized lectures, available 24/7

• Creating a fool-proof social media plan for growth (that works!)

• Consolidate & automate your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram accounts

• Find out how to create achievable, incremental goals for audience attraction

• Get a secret list of 17 sources of content that will help you go viral

• Apply the best strategies and tactics to your niche

• Share all of your content using a single click method

Affiliate Marketing: Click Science That Sells

Become an Highly Effective Affiliate Marketer in 14 Lessons

In 2 hours of distilled content, you’ll discover the essential techniques that you need to become an affiliate marketer that gets clicks and closes sales.

“Great place to start for anyone that wants to gain more knowledge about the major components of affiliate marketing.” - Iris Johnson

“Brian does an excellent job of articulating his points and laying the framework for beginning a career in affiliate marking.” - Mark Hung

• 14 bite-sized lectures, available at any time

• Understand affiliate marketing and the kind of mindset you need to adopt

• Sidestep the misconceptions, poor advice and bad practices from day 1

• Super power your progress with a high impact email marketing campaign strategy

• Make a strong profit with blog content and commission-based sales

• Use social media to attract high volumes of niche traffic

Website Flipping for Virtual Real Estate Investors

Learn to Target, Buy and Sell Niche Websites for Profit

In 1 explosive hour, you’ll find out how to become a website entrepreneur by consistently earning money with virtual real estate – buying, developing and flipping websites to business owners.

• 8 bite-sized lectures that are always accessible

• Find out how to research and target lucrative niche markets

• Gain insight on which domains to buy, sell or develop

• Understand how to use web design to create fast-selling sites

• Amplify the user experience of the website to retain customers

• Know when to sell, continue growing or ditch a website

• Learn how to advertise your website for sale to attract the highest offers

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